Yanmar ViO55 w/Thumb

Mini Excavators

12,000lb. Mini Excavator Cab

Power, flexibility and stability in a nice compact package. The ViO55 is one of the most rugged, flexible machines you can have to work effectively in the extremely tight spaces other bulkier excavators simply can’t reach.

- Fully enclosed cab

- Boom reach of nearly 14 feet of reach

- Backfill blade for leveling and stabilizing

- Rubber tracks

Manufacturer Information


Price Half Day (4 hours): $300

Price Day (24 hours): $375

Price Week (7 days): $1300

Price Month (4 weeks): $4000


Delivery 5mi: 80

Delivery 10mi: 100

Delivery 20mi: 140

Delivery 30mi: 180

Delivery 40mi: 250

Delivery 50mi: 300

Other Information

Brand: Yanmar

Model: ViO55-6A

Power Type: diesel

Weight: 12,247

Width: 6'6"

Height: 8'4"

Length: 18'4"

Number of Operators: 1