Kubota U25s w/Thumb

Mini Excavators

Versatility comes naturally to the Kubota U25S, designed to assist you in a wide variety of tasks on the jobsite. With front pin bushing and a centralized swivel bearing lubrication, you’ll operate the excavator’s arm with ease and use its advanced hydraulics. Ergonomic placement of controls keeps things simple for the operator and with 20.9 horsepower available, you’re going to be taking on plenty of jobs behind the controls.

Manufacturer Information


Price Half Day (4 hours): $175

Price Day (24 hours): $225

Price Week (7 days): $850

Price Month (4 weeks): $2650


Delivery 5mi: 80

Delivery 10mi: 100

Delivery 20mi: 140

Delivery 30mi: 180

Delivery 40mi: 250

Delivery 50mi: 300

Other Information

Brand: Kubota

Power Type: diesel

Weight: 5625

Width: 4'11"

Height: 7'11"

Length: 13'7"

Number of Operators: 1

Capacity: 5765 Break Out Force