Kubota U17

Mini Excavators

Tough job? Tight spaces? The Kubota U17 Compact Excavator is here to save the day. Standard two speed travel ensures you’re in total control of your excavator and a variable width undercarriage allows for maneuverability through narrow areas such as doors or gates. Rubber tracks make for a smoother ride and from your seat in the comfortable and spacious operator’s station, you’ll make ample use of the U17’s 16.1 horsepower rating.


Price Half Day (4 hours): $150

Price Day (24 hours): $200

Price Week (7 days): $750

Price Month (4 weeks): $2300


Delivery 5mi: 80

Delivery 10mi: 100

Delivery 20mi: 140

Delivery 30mi: 180

Delivery 40mi: 250

Delivery 50mi: 300

Other Information

Brand: Kubota

Model: U17

Power Type: diesel

Weight: 3690

Width: 3'3" / 4'1"

Height: 8'

Length: 11' 7"

Number of Operators: 1