Kubota SVL 75-2

Compact Track Loaders

If you want to extend your work season, working worry free in surfaces where a wheeled machine just won’t do, then the compact track loader is your answer. Compact track loaders are also versatile enough to work in tighter areas, maneuvering easily around residential and commercial areas. With a large assortment of attachments available, your compact track loader is a versatile base for grapples, hammers, snow blowers, rotary cutters, graders, tillers, tree pullers and much, much more. Powered by 4-cylinder Kubota CRT Tier 4 Certified engine with 74.3 horse-power, these best-in-class engines are equipped with Common Rail Fuel Injection and Diesel Particulate Filters to match outstanding performance with increased fuel economy and greatly reduced exhaust emissions. Standard-equipped two speed travel and high-ground clearance ensure excellent travel performance on difficult terrains.

Manufacturer Information


Price Half Day (4 hours): $250

Price Day (24 hours): $325

Price Week (7 days): $1100

Price Month (4 weeks): $3400


Delivery 5mi: 80

Delivery 10mi: 100

Delivery 20mi: 140

Delivery 30mi: 180

Delivery 40mi: 250

Delivery 50mi: 300

Other Information

Brand: Kubota

Power Type: diesel

Weight: 9400 lb

Width: 72" w/bucket

Height: 82"

Length: 140.8"

Capacity: 3285 lbs