Kubota SSV65

Skid Steer Loaders

Getting around tight places with precision, digging, and lifting sometimes doesn’t require a big wheel loader, dozer, or rough terrain forklift. Skid steers are versatile enough to do all these tasks in tighter areas, maneuvering easy around the residential and commercial areas. With a large assortment of attachments available, your skid steer becomes a versatile base for grapples, hammers, snow blowers, rotary cutters, graders, tillers, tree pullers and much, much more. If you want a more economical solution to do more than digging and lifting, a skid steer is the right tool for you.

Manufacturer Information


Price Half Day (4 hours): $150

Price Day (24 hours): $200

Price Week (7 days): $750

Price Month (4 weeks): $2300


Delivery 5mi: 80

Delivery 10mi: 100

Delivery 20mi: 140

Delivery 30mi: 180

Delivery 40mi: 250

Delivery 50mi: 300

Other Information

Brand: Kubota

Model: SSV65

Power Type: diesel

Weight: 6790 lbs

Width: 66.5"

Height: 79.9"

Length: 135.4"

Number of Operators: 1

Capacity: 1950 lbs